• About Us

    Leonardo G. Zangani

    President & Founder of L.G. Zangani

    Leonardo Zangani
    After thirty years in the investment and public relations field, we have switched our focus lobbing between American and European companies facilitating business and licensing opportunities .
    Starting in the year 2003 L.G.Zangani, LLC has organized the annual event “Pharmafinance” in Milano and Roma.
    Pharmafinance is unique in its structure and has the ability to expose opportunities generated offering licensing or developing opportunities.
    Recently we have started the site www.letcombatpain.com creating the first worldwide site for pain news.
    The site also offers an humanitarian tools where individuals or professionals confronted by unique and rare forms of pain can communicate with all the members of the group simply sending oneemail.
    This ability of having a mass communication tool can also be used to expose innovative pain products or ideas.
    Additionally has also been invited as speaker to several conferences in Europe to discuss the uniqueness and functionality of his site.

    Prof. Felice Eugenio Agro’

    Full Professor, Chairman Postgraduate School of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Chairman of the Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain Management Department, University School of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome

    Felice Eugenio Agro
    Commander to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
    Full Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University school of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy
    Chairmain, Postgraduate School of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University School of Medicine Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy
    Director, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy
    Medical Director, University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy (September 2000 – November 2009)
    Health Development Director (BDD&HS), Director of Health Strategy & Business Development Department, University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy (December 2009 – January 2011)
    Project Leader of the Emergency Department at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital (January 2011 – Today)
    Referent of the Campus Bio-Medico University President for Special Project (January 2011 – Today)
    Inventor of several medical devices, including the glasses to prevent the fit of drowsiness
    Chairman of Masters,Workshops and Training Courses
    Author of several articles and books in the field of the pain and anthropology and pain, including 6 books:
    - “The semiology of pain” part two
    - “Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology”
    - “Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology” part two
    - “Pain in orthopedy”
    - “Pain: Bioethics and Medicine”
    - “Homo Patients”

    Dr. Marco Pappagallo

    Neurology and Pain Medicine Consultant

    Marco Pappagallo
    Dr. Pappagallo is the recipient of a host of NIH and industry grants, honors and awards. He currently holds three patents for novel approaches to pain therapy long-lasting, non-opioid analgesic, vanilloid preparations that have been shown to reduce pain for weeks to months. In 2003, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) awarded Dr Pappagallo with a $1.7 M grant to study intravenous pamidronate for chronic back pain. His research has also involved controlled clinical trials of treatments for chronic back pain and studies focused on the epidemiology and pathophysiology of neuropathic pain. He is particularly known for his work in establishing opioid responsiveness in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. Dr Pappagallo has been enrolled in the Ordine dei Medici of Siena, Italy. He maintains an Italian medical license. He is also licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York.

    Gianluca De Novi Ph.D

    Surgical Robotics and Surgery Simulation, Research Scientist at Harvard Medical School

    Gianluca De Novi
    Gianluca De Novi, graduated with a master degree and Ph.D from the University of Bologna, is now research scientist at the Harvard Medical School and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, working on projects concerning the VR surgical simulation (project owned by the U.S.Army department) and the surgical robotics. De Novi is also the owner of Hyper Vision an Italian company that develops surgical simulation platforms used for surgical training and intervention planning. Gianluca is also involved in different projects regarding the telemedicine and web-based services for pharma/biotech entities and pharmacies.

    Antonio Giordano

    President of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centro di Ricerche Oncologiche di Mercogliano (CROM), Mercogliano, Italy

    Antonio Giordano
    Antonio Giordano, is an Italian-American pathologist and geneticist, best known as the discoverer of Rb2/p130, a tumor suppressor gene.
    Giordano is the President and Founder of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, which conducts research to diagnose, treat and cure cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
    He is a ‘Chiara fama’ Professor in the Department of Pathology & Oncology at the University of Siena, in Siena, Italy. He is also the Founder and Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and the Center for Biotechnology at Temple’s College of Science & Technology. He is a founder and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human Health Foundation Onlus (HHF), an Italian charity for basic medical research supported by the Banca Popolare di Spoleto, located in Spoleto, Italy. He also serves as President of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centro di Ricerche Oncologiche di Mercogliano (CROM), Mercogliano, Italy.

    Guido Fanelli

    Head of the Chair of Anesthesia and ICU at the University of Parma, School of Medicine

    Guido Fanelli
    Head of the Postgraduate School (School of Specialization) of Anesthesia ICU and Pain at the University of Parma, School of Medicine
    Chief of Pain and Palliative Care Commitee of Minister of Health, and Wellfare Italian Government
    Member of Advisory Committee for Ministry of Health Italian Government
    Member of Health Supreme Committee Italian Government
    Referee and reviewer for Italian Minister of Health (AIFA) for Indipendent research

    Giustino Varrassi

    President ASL at Teramo, Italy

    Giustino Varrassi
    Teramo – Professor Giustino Varrassi is founder of the European Society of Obstetric Anaesthesia (ESOA) and a founding member and current President of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC), as well as a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and other medical societies. He is a Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) and a member of the Board of the World Institute of Pain.
    His major fields of interest include obstetric anaesthesia and pain management. He has authored about 400 papers published in international and national scientific journals, as well as 43 chapters of books, mainly on obstetric anaesthesia and pain management.
    Furthermore he is editor of 28 books and congress proceedings, including one textbook on obstetric anaesthesia.
    Professor Varrassi has organized more than 40 congresses, including the 1st ESOA Congress, Florence, 1994; 1st EFIC Congress, Verona, 1995; and the 10th Congress of the World Society of Pain Clinicians, Sardinia, 2002. He is also frequently invited as a guest speaker and has held talks at over 400 national and international congresses.

    Peter J. Colosi

    Professor of philosophy and moral theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, PA

    Peter J. Colosi
    Peter J. Colosi is a professor of philosophy and moral theology. Currently teaches at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, PA. Before that taughts for Franciscan University of Steubenville, in Ohio and in Austria from 1999 – 2007.
    PhD from the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein in 2002. More information about his academic background here.
    Visit his website here for articles and videos.

    Gian Luigi Zampieri

    Maestro / Direttore d’orchestra

    Gian Luigi Zampieri
    A descendant of the Italian school conductor, Gian Luigi Zampieri and ‘was the last pupil of the great Maestro Franco Ferrara, to whom he owes his moral education and the arts, and under whose guidance he began his study of music. Organist and director, born in Rome in 1965, completed his studies with Francesco De Masi, Carlo Maria Giulini, Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Leonard Bernstein attended the courses of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and the Accademia Chigiana of Siena, where, in 1988, and ‘was awarded the Honorary Diploma in Conducting. In 1980, at age 15, was appointed organist of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, where he was active for twenty years. He started the business very young conductor, performing in prestigious national and international bodies such as the Orchestra Philharmonic “G. Enescu” in Bucharest, USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra, Haifa Symphony Orchestra (Israel); Basque National Orchestra (Basque Country-Spain) ; University Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City, Opera in Tirana (Albania); Orchestra “Haydn” of Bolzano and Trento, Verona Arena, the Rome Opera, Orchestra of Padua and Veneto Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana; Orchestra International of Italy; Orchestra of Lazio, Abruzzo Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo, the Verona Philharmonic Orchestra, Rome Symphony Orchestra. He has collaborated with numerous soloists of his generation including: Vincenzo Bolognese, Francesco Manara, Francesco Pepicelli, Enrico Dindo, Nello Salza, Francis Flower, Peter Sadlo, Alessandro Safina as well as Shirley Verrett, Pietro Ballo, Daniela Mazzucato, Mario Ancillotti, Massimo Mercelli, Peter-Lukas Graf, Rocco Filippini, Mariana Sirbu, etc.. And ‘regular guest at the Enescu Philharmonic and Radio Bucharest. It ‘was an assistant to Gennadi Rozhdestvensky at the London Symphony, BBC Symphony, and in courses at the Chigi. It ‘was an assistant to Lorin Maazel at the 2007 production of Verdi’s Requiem with the Symphonic Orchestra under Toscanini. He inaugurated the symphonic seasons 2008 / 9 and 2009/10 the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. Awarded at the International Competition “C. ZECCHI” (Rome, 1989) was the first award-winning Italian director at the International Competition “A. Pedrotti” Conducting, winning the 5 th edition (Trento, 1997). For years, is involved in the dissemination of the work of Astor Piazzolla for which is considered by critics one of the leading experts in the international arena. He edited articles and essays about Gnostic Christianity, sacred geometry and Templaristica and on “The Symphony Juppiter. ‘. Mozart manufacturer between the right and the perfect “profound scholar and student of Symbolism and the Hermetic Tradition, observes the principles symbols and their application in music and other art forms. Teacher of the Conservatory Orchestra of State since 1986 full professor since 1989 and is currently in the workforce at the Conservatory ‘L. Refice’ of Frosinone. He founded the Chamber Orchestra “ATHANOR” and “Ciociarian Brass”.

    Alessandro Bertirotti

    Professor, Athropology of Mind

    Alessandro Bertirotti
    Alessandro Bertirotti was born in 1964. He graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Music in Pescara and graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Florence, where he is Visiting Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Athropology of Mind.
    He also teaches training courses on behalf of the Department of Health of Tuscany Region. From 22nd to 24th April 2009 he has held a lecture course, a laboratory and a panel discussion during the Third International Congress of Psychology, at the Centro Universitario de Ixtlahuaca (CUI), in Mexico, on the construction of ethics in humanity.
    He is founder and vice president of ANILDA (National Association for Business and Empowerment Inclusion of People with Disabilities – www.anilda.org) based in Milan. He is member of the Institute for the Study of Man in Florence, the AIS (Interdisciplinary Association of Anthropological Sciences) and the Society of Anthropology and Ethnology of Florence.
    As an Anthropologist of the Mind, starting with the current year 2009, he participates in new ongoing television formats of television broadcasters Canale10 in Florence and Tele-Genova. He is scientific director of the series “Anthropology and Cognitive Science” for the Bonanno Editions, editor of the headings “Bio-musicology, Psychology and Music”, and a member of the Scientific Direction Committee of the scientific on-line magazine www.neuroscienze.net.
    Offical Site www.bertirotti.com