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    Felice Eugenio Agro


    Pain: Bioethics and Medicine

    Author of several articles and books in the field of the pain and anthropology and pain, including 6 books: – “The semiology of pain” part two – “Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology” – “Pain in cranioencephalic neurotraumatology” part two – “Pain in orthopedy” – “Pain: Bioethics and Medicine” – “Homo Patients”

    Dr. Vladimir Romanenko


    Neuropathic pain syndromes, myofacial pain, headache, low back pain

    Founding member of Ukrainian Association for the Study of Pain (UASP), Ukrainian Institute of Pain (UIP) and Ukrainian Headache Research Society (UHRS), member of International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), IASP Special Interest Group on Neuropathic Pain (NeuPSIG) and European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC) Council from Ukraine.
    Fellow at Pain Center of University Clinic Erlangen, Germany, participant of International Portschach Autumn EFIC Pain School, Montescano EFIC Pain School, Dubrovnik International Summer Pain School, numerous national and international conferences on pain.
    Author of 6 papers published in international and national scientific journals as well as 25 abstracts.

    Antonio Giordano


    Oncologic Pain

    Antonio Giordano, is an Italian-American pathologist and geneticist, best known as the discoverer of Rb2/p130, a tumor suppressor gene. Giordano is the President and Founder of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, which conducts research to diagnose, treat and cure cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Founder and Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and the Center for Biotechnology at Temple’s College of Science & Technology also serves as President of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centro di Ricerche Oncologiche di Mercogliano (CROM), Mercogliano, Italy.

    Nicholas HL Chua


    Interventional Pain Management for chronic cancer and non-cancer pain. Commonly treated conditions includes headaches, craniofacial pain, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and various other neuropathic pain conditions

    Dr Nicholas HL Chua completed his Medical and Anesthesiology training in the National University of Singapore. He is currently serving as the Head of the Acute Pain Service and as a Consultant Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist in Tan Tock Seng Hospital,
    Singapore. He completed his Fellowship of Interventional Pain Physician (FIPP) accreditation in 2007 by the World Institute of Pain
    (WIP) in Memphis-Tennessee, United States of America. He is a certified Diplomate with the American Academy of Pain Management
    (DAAPM) and has undergone training and certification in Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) for Pain Diagnostics in Bochum, Germany.
    Dr Nicholas Chua completed 14 months of Advanced Pain Fellowship with a special focus on Pain Diagnostics and Interventional Pain Management in the University Medical Centre of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. His thesis topic revolves around Chronic Neck Pain and the development of Cervicogenic Headache. He has a keen interest in academic work and research involving chronic pain, especially chronic head and neck pain and has published and presented a number of original manuscripts in that area. He had also reviewed numerous submissions in various journals including The Lancet, Neurosurgery, Neuromodulation, Pain Practice, Annals of Academy of Medicine-Singapore and The Open Pain Journal.
    He currently serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Dr Chua is a member of several professional organizations including the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, World Institute of Pain (WIP), American Academy of Pain
    Management (AAPM), Singapore Society of Anaesthesiology and serves as a committee member in the Pain Association of Singapore.

    Alessandro Bertirotti


    Antropology of Mind

    Alessandro Bertirotti was born in 1964. He graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Music in Pescara and graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Florence, where he is Visiting Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Athropology of Mind. He also teaches training courses on behalf of the Department of Health of Tuscany Region. From 22nd to 24th April 2009 he has held a lecture course, a laboratory and a panel discussion during the Third International Congress of Psychology, at the Centro Universitario de Ixtlahuaca (CUI), in Mexico, on the construction of ethics in humanity. He is founder and vice president of ANILDA (National Association for Business and Empowerment Inclusion of People with Disabilities – www.anilda.org) based in Milan. He is member of the Institute for the Study of Man in Florence, the AIS (Interdisciplinary Association of Anthropological Sciences) and the Society of Anthropology and Ethnology of Florence. As an Anthropologist of the Mind, starting with the current year 2009, he participates in new ongoing television formats of television broadcasters Canale10 in Florence and Tele-Genova. He is scientific director of the series “Anthropology and Cognitive Science” for the Bonanno Editions, editor of the headings “Bio-musicology, Psychology and Music”, and a member of the Scientific Direction Committee of the scientific on-line magazine www.neuroscienze.net.
    Antropoloy of Mind Manifesto

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