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    Week in review: 07-13-2012


    Week in review: 07-13-2012

    Senate Finance Committee Investigates Rise in Prescription Opioid Use

    On May 8, the Senate Finance Committee opened an investigation into financial and other connections between three opioid pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical groups and physicians who, according to a committee press...

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    Electrodes help reduce cancer patient’s pain

    Steve Booth was thrilled to be able to do the two-step with his fiancée in their backyard pool this week. It’s the latest stride the regular on the Jackalope Ranch...

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    One in eight with fibromyalgia uses cannabis as medicine

    One in eight people with the painful condition fibromyalgia self-medicate with pot and other cannabis products, according to a new Canadian study. “That is not unusual behavior, in general, for...

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    Secret to avoiding cancer could lie in little rodent

    Becoming frail and getting cancer are two things a lot of people worry about. See the unique critters that could be the key to preventing both. WATCH VIDEO:http://www.king5.com/video/featured-videos/Secret-to-avoiding-cancer-could–162299156.html

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