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    Week in review: 08-24-2012


    Week in review: 08-24-2012

    Could an Addiction-Proof Painkiller Finally Be on the Horizon?

    New research on a drug that boosts the pain-relieving effect of opioids, while cutting their addictiveness, hints tantalizingly at non-addictive treatment options for pain patients READ MORE:http://healthland.time.com/2012/08/24/could-an-addiction-proof-painkiller-finally-be-on-the-horizon/

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    FDA Warning: Reumofan Supplements Contain Risky Drugs

    Consumers searching for a miracle cure for the aches and pains of arthritis should beware: The FDA has issued a new warning about the potential health risks of Reumofan and...

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine eats into big pharma market

    From being home remedies in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine has emerged as an expanding practice of medicine throughout the world READ MORE:http://www.biospectrumasia.com/biospectrum/analysis/2724/traditional-chinese-medicine-eats-pharma-market#.UDfkYGhSRNE

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    Bariatric Surgery For Diabetes?

    Dr. Philip Schauer discusses the benefits of bariatric surgery. WATCH VIDEO:http://abcnews.go.com/Health/video/bariatric-surgery-diabetes-17062094?tab=9482931

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