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    Week in review: 08-31-2012


    Week in review: 08-24-2012

    Judge allows stem cell cure for 2-year-old girl

    Doctors are preparing an emergency one-off stem cell treatment for 2-year-old Venetian girl suffering a severe muscular disease after a judge revoked an order blocking the cure. Brescia hospital officials...

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    New Pain-blasting Pen

    Ballpoint-like pen could provide relief to millions crippled by arthritis pain, say scientists. The handheld device contains a tiny needle-like tip that is cooled to minus 20c using liquid nitrogen...

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    Women Are ‘Duped’ in Quest for Perfect Vagina, Says Doctor

    Melanie Berliet, young, single and without children, arrived at a New York City medical clinic seeking a “complimentary consultation” for the latest in cosmetic surgery — vaginal rejuvenation. The 30-year-old...

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    Alzheimer’s Cure by 2025?

    Doctors announce deadline to find treatment for the disease. WATCH VIDEO:http://abcnews.go.com/Health/RichardBesser/

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    Terra biotech

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