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    Week in review: 09-08-2012


    Week in review: 09-08-2012

    Thomas Beatie: My struggle to get pregnant

    Five years ago, Thomas Beatie, then 34, gave birth to a girl called Susan. The American man was born female but subsequently underwent gender reassignment – keeping his female reproductive...

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    IASP 14th World Congress on Pain 2012, Milan

    Ask pain patients what they expect from their treatment and the answer is simple: “I want to sleep through the whole night,” or, “I want to be able to walk...

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    Links Between: Suffering, Gratitude and Joy.

    n this 1/2 hour interview (video) I: (1) discuss the three main questions people often ask about suffering; (2) express John Paul II’s way of dealing sensitively with the question...

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    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson: Should your son be circumcised?

    It’s a decision the parents of baby boys have to make. Should they have their sons circumcised? Last week the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued an update to their...

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