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    Week in review: 09-28-2012


    Week in review: 09-28-2012

    FDA warning public of risks of online pharmacies

    The Food and Drug Administration is warning U.S. consumers that the vast majority of Internet pharmacies are fraudulent and likely are selling counterfeit drugs that could harm them. READ MORE:http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/09/28/fda-warning-public-risks-online-pharmacies/

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    Chronic pain costs up to $635B a year

    Economists at Johns Hopkins University have published a study in The Journal of Pain that calculates the annual costs of chronic pain. Researchers estimated that chronic pain costs up to...

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    Johns Hopkins Researchers Identify Biochemical Process to Maintain Erection

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have managed to find out the biochemical process through which a person can maintain penile erection, raising hopes of development of new therapies to treat...

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    Foreseeing a Cure for CML

    Many patients with CML are now living well while taking powerful medicines that keep the disease in check. Researcher Dr. Michele Baccarani, from Italy, thinks that even a few years...

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