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    Week in review: 11-09-2012


    Week in review: 11-09-2012

    How healthcare will change in the wake of Obama’s re-election

    Now that President Obama has been re-elected, we need to stop arguing that Obamacare is a developing concept. It’s here and will be here forever. Therefore, we need to realize...

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    New marijuana laws will be a public health experiment, experts say

    The public health impact of legalizing marijuana for recreational use is concerning to some, but there is little evidence to back up these worries, experts say. READ MORE:http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/11/08/new-marijuana-laws-will-be-public-health-experiment-experts-say/

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    Love Is Abstract, but Sex Is Concrete

    How your mindset affects your romantic expectations What are you doing right now? Are you relaxing? Procrastinating? Gaining knowledge about psychology? Reading words on your computer screen? READ MORE:http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dating-decisions/201211/love-is-abstract-sex-is-concrete

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    Patients Can Test Blood Sugar Via Smartphones

    Smartphones can now double as a life-saving diabetes monitoring device. The Gmate app uses brand new technology to test blood sugar levels on your smartphone. The app keeps track of...

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