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    Week in review: 11-16-2012


    Week in review: 11-16-2012

    An “Unconscious” Man Talks

    Scott Routley, a 39-year-old Canadian patient that doctors had considered vegetative and incapable of communicating following a car crash 12 years ago, was able to tell doctors that he’s not...

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    Relief for diabetics – artifical pancreas one step closer

    Australian researchers believe they are one step closer to developing an artificial pancreas for people with diabetes. A Sydney-based diabetes expert and a Queensland artificial intelligence specialist have tested the...

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    The End of Marijuana Prohibition

    In the coming days and weeks, critics will try to minimize what voters in the US states of Colorado and Washington accomplished by backing referenda permitting marijuana legalization and regulation....

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    5-hour Energy CEO denies reports his drink linked to deaths, says ‘caffeine is a good thing’

    The founder and CEO of 5-Hour Energy is vehemently denying any suggestion that his company’s popular drink is responsible for 13 deaths in the past four years, following a report...

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