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    Week in review: 01-04-2013


    Week in review: 01-04-2013

    The electric shock that could cure a headache by releasing the body’s most powerful painkillers

    Scientists have managed to release the body’s most powerful painkillers by running an electrical current through the brain. The breakthrough has provided hope for sufferers of chronic migraine after it...

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    FDA Moves on New Food Safety Rules

    The FDA proposed new rules today that would require US food distributors to implement additional measures to combat food-borne illness. The guidelines are aimed at improving food handling in both...

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    Self-prescription: brainpower from a bottle

    Herbal concoctions. Vitamins. Fish oils. Puzzles. Video games. Deep breathing exercises, coupled with meditation. Mozart sonatas. Hypnosis. Creating an imaginary friend with whom to have profound philosophic debates. It seems...

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    Ex-USC Player: Painkiller Injections Caused Heart Attack

    Despite stated label risks of possible fatal heart attack, stroke or organ failure, college football players across the country are still being given injections of a powerful painkiller on game...

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