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    Week in review: 02-08-2013


    Week in review: 02-08-2013

    Dangers of Opioid Pain Medications for Injured Workers

    Workplace injuries affect approximately 4.1 million Americans annually (1) . More than half of these injured individuals will have to miss work and receive long-term medical care. Worker’s compensation plans...

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    Could Scalp Electrodes Switch Off Depression?

    Linda Koenig had depression. And the drugs didn’t work. Koenig, 62, of Smyrna, Ga., said many in her family had battled depression and she had personally struggled with it for...

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    At the End of Life Older Americans Are More Likely to Die at Home or Use Hospice Services

    Recent reports show that more people age 65 and older are dying at home rather than in a hospital. Because of this, hospice services have increased over the past decade....

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    Adult Stem Cells Create Life

    WATCH VIDEO:http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/brink/videos/brink-adult-stem-cells-create-life.htm

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    Terra biotech

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