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    Week in review: 04-27-2013


    Week in review: 04-27-2013

    Why Everyone Deserves Palliative Care

    Life is full of surprises, but statisticians tell us that most Americans who make it to age 65 can expect to live to almost 85, and about 1 in 4...

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    Researchers find DNA link between ethnicity and immunity

    A team of North American scientists have cracked a particularly complex genetic code that reveals ethnicity may determine how well a person is able to fend off diseases like HIV...

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    Seniors lose memory as the mind gets flighty

    The study published in the journal Developmental Psychology seeks to model the mechanisms behind memory decline in old age. READ MORE:http://www.futurity.org/health-medicine/seniors-lose-memory-as-the-mind-gets-flighty/

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    Stem Cell Therapy Takes Arthritis Treatment Into the Future

    Doctors at Emory University in the US are testing a new stem cell therapy for people with severe arthritis. They hope that by harvesting stem cells from a patient, the...

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