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    Week in review: 05-25-2013


    Week in review: 05-25-2013

    New Bariatric Surgery Guidelines Reflect Rapidly Evolving Field

    Updated clinical practice guidelines for bariatric surgery reflect its therapeutic potential for patients with lower body weight who have other cardiometabolic risk factors. They also affirm that sleeve gastrectomy is...

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    Software company to recruit people with autism as programmers

    German software company SAP is looking to recruit people with autism as programmers and product testers, drawing on skills that can include a close attention to detail and an ability...

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    5 reasons the government is not prepared to handle ObamaCare

    The recent turn of events with the Obama Administration and a lack of transparency are a significant red flag to the impending catastrophe of how the proposed changes under the...

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    If Sexual Dysfunction Were a Virus, “It’d Be Pandemic”

    Half of the U.S. population aged 40 and older suffer with a sexual dysfunction. And experts say these patients often suffer in silence, even though their problems likely are treatable....

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