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    Week in review: 07-12-2013


    Week in review: 07-12-2013

    Global transformers: What if a pandemic strikes?

    Over the past century, humans have been transforming the planet so profoundly that we are pushing it into a new geological era, the Anthropocene (the Age of Man). But how...

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    International Adhesions Society Renews Call for Pain Treatment Alternatives and Welcomes CDC Warnings about Alarming Prescription Drug Deaths in U.S. Women

    In view of recent CDC statistics on the rising death toll among U.S. women from opioid prescription pain killers, the International Adhesions Society last week renewed its call for a...

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    Cancer fighters derived from nature

    In the war against cancer, nature plays a big role in treatment. The chemotherapeutic aid Taxol, for example, comes from the Pacific yew tree. The cancer fighting agent Krestin comes...

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    Taking a public health approach to gun violence

    It has convinced us to wash our hands more, taught us the details of safe sex and encouraged us to compare cars on their safety scores. It’s called the public...

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    Terra biotech

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