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    Week in review: 10-19-2013


    Week in review: 10-19-2013

    Taliban’s ban on polio vaccine in Pakistan puts global eradication at risk

    A Taliban ban on vaccination is exacerbating a serious polio outbreak in Pakistan, threatening to derail dramatic progress made this year towards wiping out the disease worldwide, health officials say....

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    Pain education and treatment mixed in Europe

    There was good and bad news for analgesia-focused pharmaceutical companies at the European Pain Federation (EFIC) Congress, which was held in Florence. READ MORE:http://www.pharmatimes.com/Article/13-10-14/Pain_education_and_treatment_mixed_in_Europe.aspx

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    Columbus widow of veteran tells panel of husband’s demise

    A tearful Heather McDonald of Columbus said that during her husband’s final weeks of life, he was taking massive doses of prescription drugs as he struggled to overcome post-traumatic stress...

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    Tissue engineering: Grow your own smart organs

    Robert Langer thinks one day we could grow tissues and organs from our cells, which contain sensors that can alert you when illness is about to strike. The idea behind...

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    Terra biotech

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