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    Week in review: 11-02-2013


    Week in review: 11-02-2013

    Patient in vegetative state ‘paid attention’ to sounds

    A patient in a vegetative state was able to pay attention to sounds in his surroundings, a study found. An analysis of brain activity in 21 patients and eight healthy...

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    FDA OKs Drug Without Anti-Abuse Protection

    When the FDA approved the powerful painkiller Zohydro last week, it did so without requiring the drug to have any built-in biochemical mechanisms aimed at curbing abuse. That “omission” makes...

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    A lawyer provides pain management tips for doctors

    I have represented a number of physicians who have been accused of “overprescribing.” Some of these were criminal investigations by local law enforcement authorities, such as a county sheriff’s office....

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    New surgery for breast cancer involves tissue donation

    t is a little known fact, but surgeons can use donated tissue for breast cancer patients. WATCH VIDEO:http://www.wtnh.com/news/health/new-surgery-for-breast-cancer-involves-tissue-donation

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