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    Week in review: 02-22-2014


    Week in review: 02-22-2014

    Biotech, Meet Crowdfunding

    Proposed regulations from the US Securities and Exchange Commission have the biotech industry tuning in to the roar of the crowd. READ MORE:http://www.the-scientist.com//?articles.view/articleNo/39169/title/Biotech–Meet-Crowdfunding/ Incoming search terms:crowdfunding OR crowdfund OR crowdfunded

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    For Mice, and Maybe Men, Pain Is Gone in a Flash

    Researchers find a way to turn pain on, and off, with a beam of light. READ MORE:http://www.technologyreview.com/news/524771/for-mice-and-maybe-men-pain-is-gone-in-a-flash/

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    The National Pain Foundation Being Re-Launched

    An effort to create the largest global digital community of people with chronic pain has been launched. The National Pain Foundation (NPF) is being reformed as an independent organization to...

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    Coffee Time? How Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory

    Whether it’s a mug full of fresh-brewed coffee, a cup of hot tea, or a can of soda, consuming caffeine is the energy boost of choice for millions who want...

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